President Trump and Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James are locked a public war of words over sports, race, the National Anthem and frankly, who has the bigger ___. In a CNN interview pursuant to his I PROMISE school LeBron doubled down on accusations that Trump uses race to divide the country. The President subsequently ripped The Kang and CNN’s Don Lemon who did the interview:

Challenging LeBron’s intelligence is one thing, but doing it ahead of an important campaign rally in Ohio is downright brazen. The President is headed to Ohio to stump for Troy Balderson who is in a heated battle with Democrat Danny O’ Connor to represent the 12th Congressional District.

It wasn’t a particularly smart move for a man deigning to call LeBron dumb. Just days after attacking Ohio’s hometown hero, Trump is set to travel to the state to campaign for Troy Balderson who is locked in a dead heat with Democrat Danny O’Connor to represent the 12th Congressional District. Will Ohio voters turn on Trump for insulting the intelligence of Akron’s favorite son? We shall soon find out.


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