XXXTentation's alleged killer Dedrick Williams

Last month rapper XXXTentacion was murdered in Florida while leaving a bike shop. The details of the murder are still murky. Initial reports suggested a few men were stalking XXXTentacion, and followed him into the bike shop. They blocked in his automobile in the parking lot so he could not leave. They then robbed him and shot him. Whether it was simply a robbery attempt or some type of street beef is still unclear. Dedrick Williams, a tattoo artist, was charged with his murder.

According to reports Williams was physically assaulted in the shower in prison:

According to Hip-Hop Overload, an employee at the jail claims Williams was physically and sexually assaulted in a shower. The source also says that friends of Kodak Black are responsible.

“Word we got from our informant is that he was told Dedrick was getting a shower when he was ambushed with an attempted rape, which in jail is the ultimate sign of disrespect,” the site reports. “We are told that Kodak Black people may have had something to do with it.”

If the reports are true then the assault happened within a week of Williams being incarcerated. That was quick. XXXTentacion was supremely talented and also a controversial figure within hip hop. His murder is still under investigation and the Shock Exchange would not be surprised if more people are arrested soon.


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