Last week reports suggested President Trump contracted the coronavirus. The President has insisted on having press conferences without masks, holding rallies without masks and generally down talking the seriousness of the virus. Reports also suggested the president may have contracted the virus from his aide, Hope Hicks:

The next morning, Hicks reported for work at the White House and tested positive for the coronavirus. She returned home to begin isolating — but told only the president and a small circle of senior staff, including chief of staff Mark Meadows. Many colleagues, including one aide who had been near her during her potentially contagious period, were enraged when they only learned about it several hours later through the grapevine or White House contact tracers; two said they would have curtailed their contact with other people and taken a test immediately had they known sooner. Several aides said they suspected there might be a positive case in the West Wing when co-workers started wearing masks, but by the time they learned about Hicks that evening, testing facilities were closed.

Within days of Hicks having tested positive, the president and the first lady also tested positive. I understand President Trump was given everything from Gilead’s remdesivr to experimental vaccine from Regeneron. President Trump has taken on all comers and emerged victorious.

Last election he defeated a slew of republicans, in route to the nomination. Then he shocked the world and the corporate media, in particular, in defeating Hillary Clinton to become president. Shock Exchange was one of the only persons to predict Trump’s victory, by the way. While in office, Trump has faced Russian hoax allegations, trade war with China, and impeachment hearings. Does anyone doubt the president will defeat the coronavirus? Trump will whip the coronavirus like he whipped Hillary.


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