McCaskill was likely acting out of emotion and a need to steal Chappelle-Nadal’s shine after her appearance at Trump And The GE in August. Trump And The GE explains Trump’s impact on the economy and the community. It is the top speaker series in the country and Chappelle-Nadal was nothing short of spectacular. She explained the folly of Trump’s tariffs, the country’s Depression-level economy and the need for the democratic party to resist Trump at every turn.

However, it was her comments about McCaskill that likely cut deep. At the 7:00 minute mark of the following video Shock Exchange and Chappelle-Nadal discussed how removing Robert E. Lee’s statue was triggering to white men down south. Chappelle-Nadal then cited how Claire McCaskill’s attacks against her were triggering to black women.

Shock Exchange: If I want to trigger young black women it would Not be that hard to do … say something negative about Beyonce and you will trigger them. If to want to trigger white men down south … go mess with one of those statues and you will trigger them … It (statue removal in Charlottesville) was manufactured drama!

Senator Chappelle-Nadal: You know what triggers a black women? When a black woman is attacked by a white person. Case in point is what happened to Auntie Maxine. When Charles Schumer and the rest of them went after Auntie Maxine … even Claire McCaskill, when she went after me it was triggering to black women.



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