When it comes to pop superstardom Rihanna may be in a league all her own. She has consistently topped the pop charts with hit after hit. In between she has dominated the blogs pursuant to who she’s dating, what she’s wearing or the next event she will attend. Her Fenty Beauty – nearly two years in the making – has become the standard for which make-up brands are measured.

Simply having her name attached to a brand could jump start sales. In March Snapchat tried to make fame off Rihanna’s name by running ran an incendiary ad for a game called “Would You Rather”. Bad Girl RiRi clapped back, excoriating the app for promoting domestic violence. Heat with Rihanna has since cost Snapchat $14 billion:

It was not lost on the Shock Exchange that Rihanna used Instagram, a Snapchat competitor, to clapback at Snapchat and CEO Evan Spiegel. Snapchat removed the ad from its platform immediately and admitted it was approved in error. However, the damage was done. SNAP fell 5% immediately after Rihanna got her dander up. The stock has not stopped falling. SNAP was trading around $18 with a $23 billion market capitalization. It is now just under $7 with a $9 billion market cap. Snapchat wanted heat with Rihanna and it lost $14 billion.

The question remains, “Can Rihanna use her super powers for good?” Shocking The Street is hosting 2018’s top beauty event November 7th at 6:30PM in downtown Brooklyn. The event could be of supreme importance to Rihanna and Fenty Beauty. Shocking The Street is putting everybody up on game, and important developments in the beauty space. Will Rihanna be there?



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