Her name is Seren Sensei and she burst onto the national scene when she accused Bruno Mars of cultural appropriation. She recently wen HAMM on Michael B. Jordan for comments he made to Vanity Fair … that black people have no folklore and no mythology. Sensei begged to differ.

Michael B. Jordan gave an interview to Vanity Fair where he said … that black people have no mythology and no folklore and that is party of why he’s launching his own production company to tell stories. There has been a lot of backlash to this statement. A lot of people are saying it was taken out of context. Vanity Fair released a full excerpt of the article … It didn’t seem like it was taken out of context to me ….

Michael B. Jordan basically said we have no folklore and we have no mythology. Which in my opinion loosely translates into we have no history and we culture … He said some stuff about like we have to make up our own mythology because that’s how people dream … I feel like the context is very clear of what he said.

Seren parsed through Michael B. Jordan’s comments, pointed out his “know nothing” theory, pointed out how it (1) is consistent with white supremacy and (2) has been used to undermine blacks. She basically called him ignorant to the black diaspora and expressed sorrow for him.

The Shock Exchange bets Michael B. Jordan does not clap back. He is clearly unarmed in this battle and it would seem wise to quit while he’s behind.



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