I have known about actor Michael B. Jordan ever since he played Wallace on HBO’s The Wire. Wallace was just a teenager who saw too much too fast. Nonetheless, he  was viewed as weak, and drug kingpin Avon Barsdale had to make him disappear before Wallace took down the entire Barksdale organization. Fast forward several years and Michael B. Jordan is sitting in the catbird seat. From Fruitvale Station, to Creed to Black Panther, Jordan has put together a resume any actor would be enviable of.

He is also a heart throb who every black woman wants to get with. There are certain known truths in the black community that are not necessarily based on fact. Bill Clinton was the first black president. Barack Obama can walk on water and Michael B. Jordan is the sexiest man alive. Every black woman wants to sleep with him and if you don’t, then you clearly must be delusional.  If you go against the grain then you will be attacked, rebuked and ex-communicated. That said, there is one black woman not in love with Michael B. Jordan and she seems ready for all the smoke.


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