The Clemson Tigers remain in the national conversation. They are 5-0, yet have not played any ranked opponents. After struggling to beat Syracuse last week the Tigers look unimpressive and very vulnerable. They don’t play smash mouth football. They don’t dominant weaker opponents. Coach Dabo Swinney practically jumped out the window when he named freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence the starter over Kelly Bryant.

Kirk Herbstreet and Desmond Howard of ESPN’s College Gameday dissected Clemson’s team and they were unmerciful. Kirk Herbstreet had this to say:

Kirk Herbstreet: We just kind of assume and sometimes take for granted that it’s Brent Venable … it’s that defensive line, they’re going to be great … They have been vulnerable. When they aren’t getting to the quarterback they’re giving up yards … linebackers at times, they’re getting exposed. They really miss Dorian O’Daniel to me, in being able to make plays out in space. We get so caught up in Kelly Bryant and Trevor Lawrence …

Then Desmond Howard went all the way in.


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