The expectations were through the roof going into the season and when you make a quarterback change like Dabo made then everything is at risk … everything is at stake. I think the quarterback situation is going to blow up in their face at some point this season .. They are more of a finesse group. They’re not going to be a smash mouth group and you can’t change who you are in the middle of the season …

I think the quarterback situation is going to catch up with them, and the defense … they haven’t been as dominant as some people had anticipated. I think they’re going to lose a regular season game and they may even lose the ACC Championship game.

I agree with Desmond. Dabo Swinney has lost his mind. Clemson is not a better team with Trevor Lawrence at quarterback than Kelly Bryant. Clemson went to the BCS last year in what was supposed to be a rebuilding year. This will not end well for Dabo and Clemson.



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