Clemson: In The Name Of Danny Ford Has Dabo Swinney Lost His Mind?

Dabo Swinney and Kelly Bryant

I grew up in Virginia – ACC country – so I know my ACC football. Clemson ruled the conference decades under the helm of Danny Ford. Perry Tuttle, William Perry and Gerald Perry also come to mind. They were known for defense, hard-nosed, tough football and for never losing in Death Valley. That’s why when current coach Dabo Swinney resurrected the program I was happy. Clemson has tradition, and its becoming dominant again felt nostalgic.

Clemson is back on top and in the National Championship conversation. They won the chip two years ago under DeShawn Watson and went the BCS Bowl Series behind Kelly Bryant last season in what was thought to be a rebuilding year. Clemson is currently 3-0 this year. That’s why when Dabo replaced Kelly with freshman Trevor Lawrence I was shocked.



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