The battle lines have been drawn in the LeBron James, President Donald Trump tete-a-tete. The entire hip hop and sports community is riding with LeBron. Michael Jordan gave a vote of confidence to The Kang yesterday, which could have tipped the scales. The Lakers Jeannie Buss weighed in for LeBron, then came messages from Melania Trump and Bill Russell. However, media moguls Diamond & Silk claimed LeBron was hating on Trump:

That is a very interesting take, and an angle the Shock Exchange had never thought of. LeBron has had the president’s name is in mouth a lot over the past year. It was understandable when he came to Kaepernick’s defense after Trump suggested NFL owners suspend Kaepernick and other athletes for what he called lack of patriotism. His recent interview with Don Lemon where LeBron again accused Trump of “using sports to divide us” seemed rather odd. It also seemed like overkill given his previous comments about the president.


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