LeBron James and President Donald Trump are like an old married couple – can’t stand to be together … can’t stand to be apart. Trump set things off last year when he suggested NFL players Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid should be fired for not standing for the flag. That got the dander up of several pro athletes, including LeBron. Their public war of words escalated over the past few days after Trump questioned the intelligence of LeBron and CNN commentator Don Lemon:

That set off a firestorm of responses from athletes, entertainers, journalists and members of the hip hop community. All this fighting on Twitter and free just doesn’t make sense. Famous promoter Don King would demand that King James and Trump shoot the one-on-one in a public forum. Trump And The Global Economy (“Trump And The GE”) is the perfect forum for such a conversation.

The August 8th event at 7PM in downtown Brooklyn will discuss “Taking A Knee” and what is driving athletes to do it. We would love to have LeBron and the President chop it up to explain their positions, and take the conversation off Twitter, off the mainstream media and bring it directly to the people. If Don King can bring Muhammad Ali and George Foreman together in Kinshasa Zaire then surely we can get LeBron and Trump to Brooklyn … or do we need Don King for that too?



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