Trump And The Global Economy (“Trump And The GE”) is on again for Wednesday August 8th in Forte Green Brooklyn. It appears that every athlete, artist, and entertainer wants to “resist Trump.” We need the best and the brightest to speak for us, but they must be informed. How better to be informed that to get fed by professionals who are part of the economy, or have spent careers explaining politics and economics to the masses.

Hot 97’s Ebro has been making a lot of noise as of late. Ebro is a hip hop connoisseur; hip hop rules New York, so that definitely puts my man in the mix. Ebro has transitioned from just talking hip hop, to being somewhat of a cultural critic. He has a lot to say about President Trump as well. He recently appeared on The Beat with Ari Melber where he waxed poetic about Donald Trump’s problem with hip hop. It was a great start; the Shock Exchange feels Ebro needs to go deeper, beyond the surface stuff. The heat, and the data from Trump And The Global Economy could help him do that.



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