Spike Lee Trump Rant: ‘That Motherf*cker Did Not Denounce The Klan’

John David Washington, Spike Lee and Adam Driver in Cannes for BlacKkKlansman

Spike Lee’s career as a film maker has lasted for three decades. In the ’80s and ’90s He spoke for a generation of African Americans who practically had no voice. Who knew Spike would still be this relevant after coming onto the scene three decades ago? When Spike has his mojo working the summer movie season takes on a heightened sense of importance … and Spike may have found his mojo with BlacKkKlansman. The movie about a black policeman who went undercover to fight the Klan recently won the Cannes festival’s Grand Prix award:

Spike Lee received one of the biggest awards of his career yesterday at Cannes, where he won the festival’s prestigious Grand Prix (essentially second prize) for “BlacKkKlansman.” Jury president Cate Blanchett said the film is “quintessentially about an American crisis,” with fellow juror Ava DuVernay praising it as “startling and stunning” and saying she’s seen every one of Lee’s films. Which is to say, she appears to have been pleasantly surprised when she found herself on the same flight back from the festival — and asked him to hold his new prize.

If an artist’s role is to represent the issues of the day then BlacKkKlansman could define this era as well. Spike’s comments about President Donald Trump’s rhetoric after the goings on in Charlottesville could also be a flash point.



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