Aggressive Growth Fund Piles Into Endo


Endo Pharmaceuticals (ENDP) is fast becoming a market darling. The company has been hard hit by the opioid crisis. Its sales of pain-related drugs like Percocet and Opana helped Endo generate rapid sales. Now that the government is trying to tamp down opioid prescriptions due to their overuse, these drugs have become an albatross for Endo. Not only sales and earnings from opioids declined, but the company could be on the hook for billions in legal liabilities. All is not lost, however. According to Shocking The Street, a premium investment service the Shock Exchange leads in conjunction with Seeking Alpha, Endo has a drug in its arsenal that could make the stock a 4 bagger.

ENDP is up over 80% since Shocking The Street recommended it. BlackRock’s Larry Fink has bet big on ENDP. We wondered which hedge fund would be next to move in. We guessed it would Third Point’s Dan Loeb. Actually, a well-known aggressive growth fund looking for “home runs” recently piled in.



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