Endo International’s share price has taken a pounding over the past year. ENDP is down over 7% Y/Y; meanwhile, the S&P 500 and Dow Jones are up 13% and 15%, respectively. The company has been caught up in the opioid crisis which has reached the attention of President Trump. Sales of Endo’s pain-related drugs like Opana and Percocet have been in free fall, and so has it total top line. Q1 revenue was off 32% Y/Y, yet EBITDA margins were relative stable amid cost-cutting by management.

Revenue from Branded Drugs and U.S. Generics continued to bleed out, but the company’s fortunes could be changing. Shocking The Street predicted ENDP would be a 4-bagger, and BlackRock’s Larry Fink just made a colossal bet on the stock. We recently queried whether more hedge funds would pile in:



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