This has been a season of turmoil for the Cleveland Cavaliers. They traded Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics earlier this year. The Celtics are in second place in the Eastern Conference, which must stick in the Cavaliers’ craw. They then traded Isaiah Thomas (who they got from Boston to replace Kyrie) to the Lakers for some miscellaneous pieces. The Cavs have had a losing record since the Thomas trade and have been beset by injuries. That hasn’t stopped LeBron James though.

The Kang is averaging 27-9-9 … nearly a triple-double. In his 14 season he’s still catching cats lacking. The Trailblazers’s Jusuf Nurkic got caught lacking by LeBron and it was surreal.

LeBron catches Jusuf Nurkic lacking

If that wasn’t enough LeBron and the Cavaliers recording a diss track featuring the Trailblazers and Nurkic.



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