LeBron Catches Jusuf Nurkic Lacking


There are likely a few sights that could send shivers down a professional athletes spine – [i] Kareem Abdul Jabbar lining you up for sky hook, [ii] Jim Brown running directly at you, [iii] Michael Jordan wagging his tongue at you, [iv] LeBron James with 30 foot running start and only you between him and the basket.

The Shock Exchange does not know what the Portland Trailblazers’ Jusuf Nurkic was thinking but it probably wasn’t a good idea. If he blocks The Kang at the rim then he gets major accolades. It didn’t happen and now he has been officially posterized.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been subpar this season. The injury-riddled Cavs are in fourth place in the Eastern Conference.  It could be in their best interest to get knocked out early in the playoffs to avoid being swept the by Golden State Warriors. The Kang is frustrated. He took out some of that frustration on Nurkic.



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