In 2019 millionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in jail. He was charged will amongst other things, sex trafficking, and was linked to billionaires, politicians and several powerful elites. Given Epstein’s ties to several powerful people and the chance he could implicate them in his sex-trafficking activities and/or other activities, or outright embarrass people for their affiliation to them, speculation ran rampant whether Epstein would ever make it to trial alive. With his death, that speculation has ended. Or has it?

The tail risk associated with Epstein and his activities could remain. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the circle of people associated with Epstein is wider than reported:

The nation’s spy chief, a longtime college president and top women in finance. The circle of people who associated with Jeffrey Epstein years after he was a convicted sex offender is wider than previously reported, according to a trove of documents that include his schedules.

William Burns, director of the Central Intelligence Agency since 2021, had three meetings scheduled with Epstein in 2014, when he was deputy secretary of state, the documents show. They first met in Washington and then Mr. Burns visited Epstein’s townhouse in Manhattan.

Kathryn Ruemmler, a White House counsel under President Barack Obama, had dozens of meetings with Epstein in the years after her White House service and before she became a top lawyer at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. in 2020. He also planned for her to join a 2015 trip to Paris and a 2017 visit to Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean. 

Leon Botstein, the president of Bard College, invited Epstein, who brought a group of young female guests, to the campus. Noam Chomsky, a professor, author and political activist, was scheduled to fly with Epstein to have dinner at Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse in 2015.

According the the journal, CIA director William Burns, White house counsel under Barack Obama, the president of Bard College, Noam Chomsky, et al., visited Epstein years after he pleaded guilty of soliciting and procuring prostitution. Whether these meetings were for legitimate business purposes, to gain access to Epstein cadre of billionaire donors or something else remains to be seen. However, it does seems rather squirrelly that so many influential people would have private meetings or conversations with a known sex offender.

Certain members of the Twitter community have surmised Epstein had to be some sort of asset of the U.S. government or foreign governments. Why else would he be so protected?

There is another school of thought that to get access to Epsteins bevy of billionaires in his stable, anyone looking for capital or influencing peddling may have had to look away from his sex trafficking activities. Either way, this story will likely not go away anytime soon.


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