Former President Donald Trump has dominated the 24-hour news cycle years after being removed from office. The corporate media talked about Tump while he was president in order to generate ratings, eyeballs and website hits. It was lazy journalism – reporting on what Trump ate for breakfast, his latest tweet or his tete ta tete with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, NATO, or all of Europe. It did not matter whether the news was real or manufactured, as long as it was Trump-related.

Careers have been made pursuant to driving news about Trump. Careers have also been lost for a lack of journalism or any real news other than to generate contrived story about Trump. Don Lemon lost his nighttime perch at CNN for poor ratings. When Don Lemon hit Trump, Trump hit back and now Don Lemon’s career was in jeopardy as soon as he was relegated to morning news. You may be able to find Bobby Fischer before you find Don Lemon. Now politicians are trying to get a come up off of Trump. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is bringing claims against Trump for allegedly paying hush money to Stormy Daniels. In the recent episode of Trump and the GE, we highlighted how Bragg has to bring ___ to get ____.

We started Trump and the GE to parse through the economy and and issues important to the Black community. What we have created is the best podcast on the planet. Politicians, lawmakers journalists, activists, athletes et al., rely heavily on Trump and the GE to learn what’s next for the economy and how to set policy.

The economy remains in shambles and the dollar appears dead. Trump and the GE: Day The Dollar Die takes place Thursday May 4th at 7PM. Feel free to join us. You can be a part of the audience via google chrome. The link to the show is below:

Trump And The GE: Day The Dollar Died (Link Below)


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