$50 Billion Opioid Settlement Could Be Trump’s Greatest Deal


    Trump And The GE Does NY Fashion Week featured Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, Torian Mitchell (AYCE Network), and Shock Exchange. The event took place in February in the middle of Fashion Week. In New York there is no telling which fashionistas, politicos or celebrities one can attract. We invited Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. Northam was fresh off a scandal pursuant to a college yearbook showing him posing in black face. Not only was the incident triggering to African Americans, but it was a major embarrassment to the governor and an entire state. Since Trump And The GE was a black platform, it was a natural space for Northam to share his message. However, he opted to speak with Gayle King at CBS.

    Missouri Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal had a stark outlook on the economy. Around the 3:15 minute mark of the above video she warned Americans to prepare for the next Great Depression.

    I think there is going to be a point where there is a major trigger that the Federal Reserve nor the boss in the White House is going to be able to control … that trigger is going to rupture. I have told you for a very long time that I think we should be preparing for another Great Depression. We are at a false bottom … another reason why I think the unemployment rate is so low, when you have people working two or three jobs to make a living, of course.

    Chappelle-Nadal is in the economy. She works with constituents on a daily basis and she knows how people live who are on the front pages of the Wall Street Journal or not regular contributors on CNBC. If another Depression is coming she should know. It’s no wonder President Trump wants the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates and engage in more quantitative easing.


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