The opioid crisis continues to dominated the national consciousness. It has become so important the Trump And The Global Economy (“Trump And The GE”) decided to do a show specifically to address the crisis. The quarterly speaker series parses President Trump’s policies and how they impact the country and community. Trump And The GE Parses The Opioid Crisis was that heat. Cultural critic, Jemele Hill, even co-signed the event. After the death of Juice Wrld, Hill called for a public discussion about the opioid crisis. However, Trump And The GE had already delivered.

The Brooklyn Land Baron believes the opioid epidemic is evidence of something more sinister. It likely proves that Americans have lost hope. Around the 13 minute mark of the above video, Brooklyn Land Baron goes in:

Shock Exchange: The number of accidental deaths are being driven by drug overdoses. Of the drug overdoses, opioid-related drug overdoses are driving up total drug overdoses.

Brooklyn Land Baron: If we key into what we’ve been talking about before, people are so dissatisfied that there’s an automatic weakness to become addicted. It’s like an addictive trait when you’re become depressed … it’s like suicide by cop, like when you go out and shoot a lot of people, so that’s the arms. I think people become weakened by the system. There is no hope. They are more likely to become addicted.

I had never looked at in that way. Millions of Americans have still not recovered from the Financial Crisis and many are still angry about it. Why wouldn’t they be. Millions are struggling with poverty while Wall Street, private equity firms, and venture capital firms live high off the hog from bailouts and government stimulus. I assumed that anger would lead to social unrest.

I never thought of opioid crisis as being a symptom of a system that has beaten down millions of Americans. If Americans have been weakened then it implies that if or when we solve the opioid crisis, another crisis likely awaits.


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