Joe Biden recently added his name to the growing list of democratic hopefuls looking to defeat President Trump. Biden recently hired Symone Sanders as senior advisor for his campaign. Sanders served as national press secretary for democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in 2016. She should bring a wealth of experience from the 2016 campaign that nearly resulted in a Senator Sanders victory. However, it was likely comments from Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal at Trump And The Global Economy (“Trump And The GE”) in August 2018 that inspired Biden to hire Ms. Sanders. Around the 32 minute mark of the above video, Senator Chappelle-Nadal makes an impassioned speech that could have led to the Biden/Sanders pact:

Senator Chappelle-Nadal: I have to say this. Black women in America are the most-disrespected group in our society. We are expected to vote for one party and what do we get in return? Go into our inner-cities. How many buildings do you see in decay? How many buildings where kids go to school and that school is unaccredited? How many kids go to school and their clothes are dirty? How many kids don’t have any books? How many parents don’t have any child support? How many parents have to work two jobs? How many parents are to worry about where they’re going to live next month? We don’t have people who are willing to stand up for the black woman and the black woman happens to be the foundation of the democratic party … and we’re still disrespected.

Shock Exchange: and how many of those black women benefited from that $30 trillion wealth effect created by the obama administration?

Joe Biden obviously follows Trump And The GE religiously. How else would he know the global economy is in tatters? Senator Chappelle-Nadal’s assertion that black women are the backbone of the party seems to carry a lot of weight. Black women stood by Hillary Clinton in 2016. White women publicly fawned over Hillary, but many sided with Trump at the voting booth. This likely drove Biden to make a black woman the face of his campaign.

Will Symone Sanders have any real authority or will she simply be a prop to draw in black women voters? Will Biden attempt to pull a bait and switch – lure black women voters, but set policy to help hedge fund managers, private equity firms and Wall Street? It may be a moot point as Trump will be a formidable opponent in 2020.


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