Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is embattled. Chatter suggested he wore blackface as a medical student at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Northam implied the picture in the school yearbook was potentially his. Then he denied it … and admitted that he wore blackface, but for another occasion. The public assumed the incident would finish Northam. He had to step down immediately, right?

Meanwhile, Northam’s team is marshaling forces to humanize him:

Backed by Northam’s assertion that he is neither person in the photo, strategic communications and PR firm IR+Media to help him try to recover. The team, led by top strategist Jarvis C. Stewart, a veteran of Capitol Hill, will try to determine how the photo got into the yearbook — an obscure artifact of national political importance that Northam says he didn’t buy at the time and claims he had never seen …

Northam doesn’t plan to hold any more press conferences any time soon. Advisers are in the midst of negotiations with major networks for a nationally televised interview they hope will humanize him.

Additionally, his advisers have assigned the governor homework: He’s begun to read Alex Haley’s “Roots”, and “The Case for Reparations,” the seminal essay in The Atlantic by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Trump And The Global Economy (“Trump And The GE”) is the perfect platform for Governor Ralph Northam to have his first public interview. Trump And The GE is quarterly speaker series that gathers politicians, activists, pollsters, economists and entrepreneurs to parse through President Trump’s policies and explain how the impact the economy and community. The next event, Trump And The GE Does NY Fashion Week, takes place Monday February 11th at 2PM in New York City.

Trump And The GE is real news – it has no agenda other than seeing that the truth emerges. It would give Northam an opportunity to make amends with the African American community and present its progressive policies unencumbered. What other choice does Northam have. Every other outlet either has a conservative or liberal bent in order to draw ratings. If “the truth” does not sell then the mainstream media will troll the governor, change the subject to something silly or make up a popular narrative for ratings.

At Trump And The GE in August 2018 Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal nearly had a melt down over Mr. Baker’s theory that the incident in Charlottesville, VA was a “false flag” and “manufactured drama.” At 6:35 minute mark of the following video Chappelle-Nadal went in:

chappelle-nadal: Here’s the thing. There was woman who was killed! There were people who were stuck in a church because you had these neo-Nazis outside with these little tiki-torches. I don’t think that’s manufactured! These are people who are obviously racist and feel emboldened to determine that other people are not equal to them … that is a problem and that is not manufactured.

Mr. Baker: If i want to trigger white men down south … goes mess with one of those statues … and you’re gonna trigger white men down south. it (charlottesville) was manufactured drama.

chappelle-nadal: that part is true.

The tete-a-tete between Chappelle-Nadal and Mr. Baker is that type of honest dialogue – supported by deep research – that Trump And The GE fosters. If Northam does not show up Monday and does an interview with a “fake news” outlet then is goal must be to obfuscate the truth.


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