Steve Harvey: ‘Who The F*ck Is Pusha T?


Do you think I care what a rapper thinks of me? A rapper, dog … People’s opinion of you is none of your business, nor should you make it yours … Man they rappin’ ’bout you. What’s his name, Trick? Pusha-T … who the f*ck is that? Pusha-T cracked on you in a rap song. Who the f*ck is Pusha-T … who’s this broke ass boy? Where he come from?

… I’m Gon’ write my own rap.  Who The f*ck is pusha-T f*ckin’ with me? you  better watch out t you don’t know who i be.

For someone who doesn’t care about what people say about him or who is rapping about him, Steve sure seems hot and bothered. He knows exactly who Pusha-T is and in pretending he did not, Steve is protesting too much. He is trying way too hard to pretend unbothered. This only gives credence to the fact that Pusha-T got under his skin with the line about his suits. If Pusha-T reacts then he could finish Steve like he finished Drake.



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