Katt Williams told police that over the weekend Wanda Smith’s husband, Lamorris Sellers, brandished a gun at him outside of the Atlanta Comedy Theater. The brouhaha stemmed from an interview between Katt and Wanda on Frank Ski And Wanda In The Morning at V103 in Atlanta. The two comedians got into a roasting contest and Katt went in. Wanda instigated it – talking about Katt’s hair, his stint in jail and calling him “Lil Mama.” Katt countered punched with jabs at Wanda’s hair, her cooking and her weight. The Shock Exchange isn’t sure if it was a snapping contest or pugilism.

Wanda got the worst of it and apparently Lamorris didn’t like it. Wanda and Lamorris were outside the Atlanta Comedy Theater where she and Red Grant were performing that weekend. Wanda alleges Katt rolled up on them and an altercation ensued.



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