Wanda Smith Plays The Victim In Katt Williams Tete-A-Tete

Wanda Smith of V103 and Katt Williams

Monday Wanda Smith and Frankski of V103 in Atlanta did a recap of the weekend’s events that went viral. Friday Frank And Wanda In The Morning interviewed Red Grant to promote his comedy show at the Atlanta Comedy Theater. Katt Williams accompanied Grant for the interview and took a moment to explain Hollywood and why certain comedians blow up and others do not. He and comedienne Wanda Smith had some playful banner and then all of a sudden the conversation went left. Wanda wanted heat with Katt and she got it. When things simmered down she started up again. She asked him about what food he cooks for the kids, cut him off while he was talking several times and made several references to Katt spending time in jail.

Katt clapped back and Wanda took the worst of it. Since she and Frank Ski have a platform and control the narrative Wanda took to the airwaves to try to play the victim. The following shows her pining for sympathy.



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