NBA Youngboy’s music reflects the times. First of all he is a rapper who sings. Ty Dolla Sign, Drake, Kanye … they all fit that mold. Secondly, he doesn’t mind sharing his pain on wax. He sings of heartbreak, loss, tragedy that has occurred in life. Women love those sensitive thugs. NBA Youngboy talks that ___ the fellas like to hear as well. He has become one of the Shock Exchange’s favorite rappers. When choosing the theme music for Trump And The Global Economy hosted by actor Chad L. Coleman it was a toss up between Youngboy and Isaac Hayes.

That said, NBA Youngboy’s trials and tribulations have played out in the public eye. Earlier this year he and his girlfriend Jania got into a fight in hotel in Waycross, GA. We understand he was ordered by the court to stay away from her. Now pregnant Jania recently took to Instagram to explain how she got a black eye:


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