Endo Pharmaceuticals (ENDP) is up over 80% Y/Y. Analysts and the investment community originally suggested the run up was on “no news.” However, in late May Shocking The Street predicted a key drug could make the stock a 4-bagger, and ENDP has been white hot ever since. Q2 2018 results proved the ENDP story likely had real meat on the bones. The company also delivered fireworks. The stock rose by double-digits, but is now slightly off its 52-week high set shortly after earnings.

Shocking The Street, a premium investment service the Shock Exchange runs in conjunction with Seeking Alpha, believes there are more fireworks ahead. The core business appears to be stabilizing – management has done a yeoman’s job of staunching the decline in revenue and EBITDA amid a diminution in sales of generics. Yesterday new surfaced that the FDA proposed excluding vasopressin from a list of ingredients that could be used to manufacture compounded medications in bulk use by hospitals and doctors’ offices. According to Shocking The Street the news is extremely bullish for ENDP. Read more:


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