NFL Players continue to kneel during the National Anthem in silent protest. The gesture is designed to bring attention to the inequality for African Americans in America, and the murders of unarmed men and women at the hands of the police. President Trump has demanded that players stand for the flag or else. In the process he also insulted their intelligence, implying they do not know what they are truly protesting against.

As a happy medium ESPN recently decided not to broadcast the National Anthem before Monday Night Football games. That could potentially remove the platform players have to display their outrage. Trump And The Global Economy (“Trump And The GE”) recently discussed why players take a knee. After seeing panel on the quarterly speaker series lay out the significance of silent protests and why they were effective, ESPN immediately decided not to broadcast the Anthem. The move was an obvious clap back and Trump And The GE. Flip the page to hear Ralph Baker’s (author of Shock Exchange) on the method to the madness.


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