Maria Chappelle-Nadal: Every single day people are having to make choices … hard choices. They are trying to determine if they are going to stay in their homes to find cheaper rent. That’s what I hear when I go door-to-door all the time … I deal with people everyday on the local level. People want security, economic security. When you don’t provide that … that presents a problem.

Ralph Baker: This is my view on the economy … A few things point to the fact that the economy is a lot weaker than we realize and what the Trump administration is representing. One is the amount of cash that has been hoarded by corporations. Within the last administration this so-called wealth effect that has benefited corporations and the wealthy. Now you see them hoarding a lot of cash. Corporations were hoarding a record amount of cash at the end of 2017 … so much cash overseas that the President had to offer a tax holiday to coax them to bring the money back to the U.S. When you have to coax people with a tax holiday to bring the money back from overseas that’s never good for the economy.

Professor Brofman: The key thing to watch (pursuant to¬† labor participation rate) is prime aged male men … The participation rate … that data goes back to 1948. It was actually lower during the Carter years because there has been a long trend of higher female participation rates … If you just concentrate on males 25-64 – prime working age males – that number is the lowest it has ever been. It’s lower than France. It’s lower than almost any other country.

Trump And The GE painted a dark, dreary picture about the U.S. economy – totally counter to President Trump’s bombastic statements on Twitter. That can only mean one thing – one of us is lying.


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