Don’t come for President Trump. His base of supporters are strong as Drake’s Chris Brown’s, Rihanna’s Navy or the Beyhive. Trump has always been a mercurial figure. You either love him or you hate him and CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta found that out the hard way. LeBron James did an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon and suggested Trump uses sports to divide the country. That interview did not sit well with Trump’s republican base. At a rally for Rep. Ron DeSantis in Tampa Bay they let chanted “CNN Sucks” and “Fake News” and “Traitor” at Acosta.

Acosta described the scene as “sad” and openly worried “the hostility whipped up by Trump and some in the conservative media would result in somebody getting hurt.” He could be right. However, it was CNN who suggested Hillary Clinton would defeat Trump for president and gave LeBron the platform to go in on Trump. Why didn’t Acosta see the backlash coming?



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