Deandre Hopkins Invited To Trump And The GE August 8th

Deandre Hopkins and Deandre Hopkins' braids

The social unrest the U.S. is experiencing was predicted by Ralph Baker’s Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead. It is also the only book from a black author featuring Donald Trump (before discussing Trump became a fad). However, black athletes and entertainers have the biggest platform and the media is constantly putting a microphone in their faces for their thoughts on inequality, police brutality, global warming and President Trump.

Last week TMZ put a camera in front of Houston Texans Deandre Hopkins and asked him about President Trump and his policies. The all-pro wide receiver stood tall for the black community, despite having been put on the spot. Hopkins suggested the president was too closed-mined to listen to NFL players. He emphasized he had friends and family members who had won purple hearts, so the protests were not about the military or being unpatriotic. The players simply wanted to bring attention to inequality, mass incarceration and police brutality against African Americans. We ask Hopkins, Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid, Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, et. al to stand for us, so the public should also have their backs.

It got mixxy at Trump And The GE – October 2017

If President Trump will not listen then Trump And The GE on August 8th in Brooklyn, NY sure will. The quarterly speaker series gathers entrepreneurs, activists, athletes, and the top economists on the planet to parse through Trump’s policies and how they impact the economy and community. We would love for Hopkins to attend; he obviously has a lot to say.



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