Buffalo Bills wide receiver Zay Jones was arrested Monday night after a physical altercation with his brother. The fight ended after a naked Jones smashed his foot through an apartment complex window an in apparent attempt to jump off the balcony:

Bills receiver Zay Jones was arrested Monday night following a disturbing altercation with his brother that ended with a naked Jones smashing his foot through a window of an apartment complex, according to TMZ Sports.

In the graphic video, a stark naked Jones is seen tussling with his brother, Vikings practice squad member Cayleb Jones, in the hallway of an apartment building. Jones can be heard shouting, “I’m going to fight for Jesus!”

According to TMZ Sports, Cayleb was trying to prevent his brother from jumping out of a 30th floor window. Cayleb can be heard yelling “Stop!” and appears to be trying to restrain his younger brother.

Jones apparently broke free, sprinted down the hallway naked an then ran into the apartment of his brother’s girlfriend. He allegedly ran into a public balcony area, smashed his foot through a window before he was restrained by the brother. Police later arrived and arrested Jones for felony vandalism according to TMZ Sports.


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