The NCAA tournament is full of surprises. The Shock Exchange is still trying to wrap his mind around all the upsets and late game finishes. Michigan’s ‘Swag’ Poole felled Houston on a last-second shot at the buzzer. Loyola of Chicago knocked off Tennessee on Custer’s last stand, but UMBC’s upset of number one seed Virginia is the talk of March Madness. It was the first time a 16 seed beat a one seed. TNT’s Kenny Smith said it ranked up there with the “Miracle On Ice” and Buster Douglass upset of Mike Tyson. As always, Kenny reminded everyone that he is a champion with the Houston Rockets.

Paraphrase Of Kenny Smith: The key to becoming a champion is dealing with uncomfortability. I had the opportunity to win a championship. UMBC made Virginia uncomfortable and Virginia did not like it. They didn’t react well when UMBC made them do things they didn’t like to do.

Paraphrase Of Charles Barkely :Virginia tries to hold teams under 55 points per game. In this era of the 3-point shot you just can’t win hold teams under 55. You can’t win six games in a row by holding teams under 55 … you just can’t do it.


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