It seems like it was yesterday that Glen “Big Baby” Davis was tearing up the AAU basketball circuit in Louisiana. Coaches marveled at how the big, chubby lovable Davis was strong, yet so agile at the same time. He was a big hit at LSU and went on to have success with the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Clippers and Orlando Magic. Davis, battling weight problems, has been out of the league for some time. After being arrested in Maryland for drug possession his weight problems could be morphed by legal woes:

Former NBA star Glen “Big Baby” Davis was reportedly arrested and charged in February on seven counts of drug possession and distribution, per Baltimore ABC 2’s Brian Kuebler.

Davis was arrested at a hotel in Aberdeen, Maryland, on Feb. 7 when police responded to a complaint of an odor marijuana coming from his room, according to Kuebler.

Police reportedly found 126 grams of marijuana, $92,164 and a ledger that appeared consistent with someone involved in selling narcotics.

Davis is scheduled to appear in court in April. The media and other naysayers will wax poetic about the downfall of another athlete after the ball stopped bouncing. The Shock Exchange believes it’s now time for the basketball community to give Davis all the support he deserves after bringing fans so much joy.


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