Amid the “Me Too” movement and a waterfall of sexual harassment and workplace misconduct in the news, today is not the time to touch someone inappropriately or make a person feel uncomfortable. Nike (NKE) Vice President Jayme Martin just learned that lesson the hard way. He was sacked after a review of improper conduct at the athletic-apparel behemoth:

Jayme Martin, vice president and general manager of global categories at Nike, is no longer with the company, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. Martin reported to Trevor Edwards, president of Nike’s brand and a one-time CEO candidate, who stepped down from that role on Thursday.

The Wall Street Journal, which previously reported on Martin’s departure, said he was forced out of Nike.

The company hasn’t directly linked Edwards’s resignation — or any other personnel moves — with the review of employee conduct.

“There had been conduct inconsistent with Nike’s principles and we are taking the appropriate actions,” spokesman Greg Rossiter said by phone on Thursday, following the announcement of Edwards’s departure. There have been no direct allegations against the 55-year-old, Rossiter said at the time.

After announcing Edwards’s departure yesterday Nike said its current CEO Mark Parker would remain on the job beyond 2020. A succession fight will have to wait a few years. Edwards was widely considered to be Nike’s CEO-in-waiting. As president, Edwards was responsible for managing Nike’s worldwide sales across distribution channels – wholesale, retail and e-commerce. The fact that Martin reported to Edwards appears to be telling. Maybe the alleged workplace misconduct was fostered within Edwards’s operations, which also happened to be the lifeblood if Nike.



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