America’s drug epidemic is one of the ugliest, if not the ugliest in the country’s history. Overdose deaths for the trailing 12 months through April 2021 exceeded 100,000, up about 29% Y/Y. Television shows like Dopesick (Hulu) and The Crime of the Century (HBO) have tried to capture the crisis, and Purdue Pharma, the worst actor. Last week CNN’s Jake Tapper hosted Danny Strong, executive producer of Dopesick, and Ed Bisch, founder of Relatives Against Purdue Pharma.

Strong and Bisch explained why executives from Purdue Pharma should be in handcuffs. There is no love lost for Purdue Pharma. However, Tapper may have used the segment to put out more misinformation about the opioid crisis. At the 3:40 minute mark of the following video Tapper repeats the false narrative about pharmaceuticals and their connection to the opioid crisis:

Danny, Drug overdose deaths hit a record high during the pandemic. More than 100,000 American deaths in a year. Could you imagine what the response would be by the U.S. government if terrorists killed 100,000 Americans? But here we are doing it to ourselves with pharmaceuticals. More than 75,000 of those were from opioids. That’s 200 people-a-day in this country. During the seven or so minutes you’ll be sitting on the set right now, somebody in American is going to die from an overdose death.

Not coincidentally, Tapper’s segment came one day after Dr. William Amarquaye was featured on Trump And The GE Parses Kolodny’s Opioid Hoax.

At the 15:30 minute mark of the above video, Dr. Amarquaye explains how people are not necessarily overdosing on prescription opioids; instead, they are being poisoned by illicit fentanyl:

Dr. Amarquaye: What we’re dealing with right now is like a poisoning crisis, right? So people are being poisoned by a black market supply of drugs. And it’s not just fentanyl. It’s also polysubstance as well, so it’s many other drugs that are combined … As far as the numbers, as you were saying from last April it was like over 100,000, which is insane … If you actually break down the numbers … a lot people say ‘Oh the numbers were opioids.’ We have to be specific … you just can’t say opioids … it’s illicit fentanyl. You have to be specific when we’re talking about overdose deaths …

From the data I was looking at, over 80 percent of the deaths … if you look at over 100,000, that’s all drugs. That’s not just opioids. When you break it down in regards to the deaths that involved opioids, over 80 percent of that was illicit fentanyl.

Strong and Tapper’s commentary was a clap by at Amarquaye and Trump And The GE. That can only mean one thing – somebody’s lying. Trump And The GE Dissects Dopesick, Jake Tapper’s Opioid Lie is on for Thursday December 9th at 7PM. Expect heat from Bev Schechtman and the Shock Exchange. We will provide a link to the event Wednesday evening.

Access To The Thursday’s Show (December 9th, 7PM NYC Time)

You are more than welcome to participate as an audience member and ask questions during the event. The platform is similar to Zoom. The audience can access the show via Google Chrome by clicking the following link —>


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