President Donald Trump

COVID-19 has put a damper on the presidential debates. The first debate involved President Trump flexing his muscle, talking up the positives during his first four years in office and explaining the administration strategy pursuant to the coronavirus. Joe Biden played it safe with predetermined answers to obvious questions. Tonight will be final debate between the two men:

It’s the last debate of the 2020 election.

Many might be saying, “Thank goodness,” given what a mess that first debate turned into.

After that debate — and the way President Trump in particular conducted himself — Trump took a hit in the polls. This final debate represents the last, best chance for the president, who has been consistently behind in this race, to gain some momentum.

It’s also the last, best chance for both candidates to make their arguments to a broad audience of the American public for why they should be president. After Thursday night, there won’t be any opportunities like this left.

Much has been said about the moderator’s ability to cut Trump’s mic if he speaks out of turn, takes too much time answering a question or simply because the moderator is part of the fake news that hates Trump. Pundits say a lot is riding on tonight’s performance. I beg to differ. Voters have likely made up their minds on Trump or Biden. If the media continues to vilify Trump over petty grievances then they could turn more voters Trump’s way.

That said, the president is likely holding the big joker. Trump recently negotiated the $8 billion opioid settlement with Purdue Pharma – the maker of Oxycontin. The Sacklers will avoid jail time, which sticks in the craw of attorneys general from democratic states. However, the deal will put billions into communities hurting from the opioid crisis – which was the point of the opioid settlement to begin with. It also allows Trump to play up his deal making prowess, while making the democrats look inept, unable to get things done and simply wasting taxpayers’ dollars. Expect Trump to take his victory lap tonight. Deal momentum will likely lead to his re-election.


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