Obama Addresses Social Unrest ‘Shock Exchange’ Predicted


Millions of protesters have taken to the streets to protest the state-sanctioned murder of George Floyd by Derek Chauvin and the Minneapolis police department. On videos captured by local bystanders, Floyd repeatedly says, “I can’t breathe,” “I’m through,” “They trying to kill me.” He even calls out for his mama. In a town hall meeting, former President Obama attempted to speak to the nation amid social unrest Ralph Baker’s Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead already predicted:

Let me start by just acknowledging that we have seen in the last several weeks, last few months the kind of epic changes and events in our country that are as profound as anything I’ve seen in my lifetime … although all of us have been feeling pain, uncertainty, disruption, some folks have been feeling it more than others, most of all the pain that has been experienced by the families of George, and Breona, Amaud, Tony and Shawn, and too many others to mention … To those families that have been directly effected by tragedy, please know that Michelle and I and the nation grieve with you, hold you in our prayers … We’re committed to the fight of creating a more just nation.

George Floyd’s murder was a flashpoint that brought down a cascade of emotions, anger and frustration that has been building over the past decade. Amid the Financial Crisis of 2008/2009, the Obama administration chose Obama’s donors, institutions Obama wanted to work for, or someone he wanted to sleep with over hundreds of millions of Americans.

‘Shock Exchange’ – Most influential book on economics since the Great Depression

Amid this pandemic, tens of millions of Americans are out of work. Many of those jobs lost will not return. Meanwhile, Wall Street, private equity firms and venture capital firms are swimming in tens of trillions of dollars gifted to them by Obama and the Federal Reserve, under the guise of “spurring the economy.” Shock Exchange predicted this years ago. Obama has read the book religiously, yet has kept silent about it, preferring to promote lesser books from big white publishing houses. Now he is attempting to co-opt Shock Exchange’s message …



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