African Americans are an emotional group of people. Women, in particular, are ruled by emotion. More and more children in the black community – boys and girls – are being raised by women, so there is a lot of feminine energy in the black community. Men get emotional. Women get emotional. Whenever blacks argue they use emotionally charged words like “like” and “dislike” or “hater.” The concept that one can use reason, and not emotion, to deduce a problem almost does not exist in the black community. The concept that one can criticize a politician’s policies or a person’s art and not “dislike” that person is foreign to most African Americans.

That why politicians with no sound policy appeal to the emotions of African Americans. That is why pundits, when losing an argument, appeal to the emotions of African Americans. They call their opponents “haters” or accuse them of having an alternative motive. Better yet, they cite a person popular in the black community as the source of their research or argument, in order to curry favor with that popular person. Ultimately, a false flag is an attempt to deceive … an attempt to carry out a covert operation. I was recently the victim of a false flag. Someone cribbed my logic and attempted to credit someone else … how clever.

Professor Black Truth On False Flags

Around the 5 minute mark of the above video, Professor Black Truth explains in brilliant detail the false flag operations that upended former Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in the 1950s:

Britain then, as now, was highly-dependent upon Iranian oil to pay their bills. The U.S. needs oil in order to prop up the dollar … The British having been shut out of the Iranian oilfields decided to get the U.S. to begin agitating for the removal of Prime Minister Mosaddegh by bribing Mosaddegh’s fellow Iranians like the Shah …

The U.S. was trying to get them to agitate for Mosaddegh to be removed … It was all meant to set the stage to get him out of office … We’ve got to manufacture the right headlines, manufacture the right photographs, manufacture the right news reels … The British and the CIA settled on constructing a narrative that would make the coup more politically acceptable. The chosen lie would be that Mosaddegh was a socialist and “this socialist would hand Iran’s oil over to the Russians any moment” … Now of course that’s ridiculous on its face …

How did the CIA begin to carry its little propaganda offensive? It had a series of false flag operations. They would hireĀ  bunch of Iranian locals who would pretend to be supporters of Mosaddegh and his policies, but these people were actually paid CIA agents … They paid Iranians to go out in the street and make a ruckus and these Iranians were pretending to be supporters of Mosaddegh, but making sure whenever they got in front of news cameras, who were also people put in place by U.S. and British governments, be sure to say “We are here because we believe in these socialist policies … Mossaddegh has a socialist future and we want to ensure this socialist future comes to pass” … Doesn’t that sound like something we’ve had occur with us recently … government operatives, former prosecutors who are trying to reinvent themselves as black power activists, but who are actually in the pockets of white power?

‘Shock Exchange’ – Most influential book on economics since the Great Depression

Professor Black Truth is putting people up on game here. These false flags have become in the norm in the U.S. and black folks fall for it every time. The Shock Exchange has also been ripped off by a government operative, creating false flags, all the while, stealing from blacks and taking the booty back to his white pay masters. Stay tuned.


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