In criticizing trickle-down economics Moreira may have given Shock Exchange a backhanded co-sign. Shock Exchange too pointed out the folly of trickle-down economics. Shock Exchange also predicted the social unrest that’s taking place in France (yellow vest), the U.K. (Brexit), Hong Kong and the U.S. (mass killings, domestic terrorism). Moreira’s observations come as know surprise to Shock Exchange readers.

With his recent joke about “Betty White” and massing shootings, comedian Chris Rock also chose Shock Exchange over Piketty:

The mass killings were orchestrated by white men. There may have been some truth to Rock’s joke. However, the joke was ill-timed given that many people lost loved ones during these events. That said, it was Shock Exchange and not Piketty that predicted (1) the economy would falter despite trillions in stimulus and (2) mass shootings and domestic terrorism would soon follow. Rock’s joke also correctly explains why the fake news has promoted Piketty incessantly and ignore Baker, Shock Exchange and inner-city kids from Brooklyn.

Now it is time for Moreira to go full populist and recommend the book to his followers and the French public.


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