The elite college admissions scandal has rocked the country and dominated the 24 hour news cycle. Wealthy parents are accused of paying hefty sums to consultants and “fixers” to help students cheat on college entrance exams, and of bribing coaches and administrators to facilitate kids’ admission by designating them as recruited athletes. Ed Stannard of the New Haven Register referenced Shock Exchange in his coverage of the  scandal. According to the Ed Stannard, Operation Varsity Blues could celebrate a racially and economically stratified society:

According to those who closely watch the American higher-education complex, the scandal that broke Tuesday was really the tried-and-true system of greasing applicants’ entry into top universities taken to a logical, if illegal, extreme.

They say the college admissions system itself, especially at highly selective schools such as Yale, Stanford and the University of Southern California, reinforces and celebrates a racially and economically stratified society and major changes are needed to create a student body that is more egalitarian and diverse.

Schools like USC, UCLA, Yale, Texas, Georgetown, Wake Forest and Stanford are embroiled in the scandal. Celebrities like Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy and Lori Loughlin have also been accused of wrongdoing. Some students have filed lawsuits against these schools for depriving them an honest opportunity to attend an elite school. The U.S. Attorney’s office is going after elite colleges, their fixers, coaches and parents. Ralph Baker’s Shock Exchange: How Inner-City Kids From Brooklyn Predicted the Great Recession and the Pain Ahead predicted elite colleges would become a cesspool of bribes.



  1. You’re tripping he’s allowed to choose what book he wants as his favorite. It doesn’t have to relate to his special. Thanks for telling me what his favorite book was.

    • Josharmond Romney,

      Comedians like Dave Chappelle and Katt Williams speak truth through humor. In a world of fake news, Chappelle is informative. His voice and perspective, are needed. If he is really going to inform the public Chappelle cannot straddle the fence. His choice of Frederick Douglass wasn’t bad. However, ‘Shock Exchange’ is the most-influential book on economics since the Great Depression. ‘Shock Exchange’ predicted the Great Recession and the last one. It has been ignored because it was written by a black man, and the the mainstream media would rather blacks ‘shut up and dribble.’

      The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Guardian, Washington Post, et. al are trying to cancel ‘Shock Exchange’ like they are trying to cancel Dave and Katt. If ‘Shock Exchange’ isn’t what Chappelle is talking about then he isn’t “really” informing the public. He’s simply play acting.



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