Former Vice President Joe Biden just threw his hat into the ring to become the next U.S. president. He joins Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders, Congressman Beto O’rourke, Senator Kamala Harris, Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand and Senator Corey Booker, among others. The field is star-studded. After eight years as Barack Obama’s vice president, Biden could be the biggest star. Biden recently hired Symone Sanders as senior advisor for his campaign:

Joe Biden has hired Symone Sanders, a prominent African American political strategist, as a senior adviser to his newly launched presidential campaign.

The move adds a younger diverse voice to Biden’s cadre of top advisers, which has been dominated by older white men. It suggests Biden is seeking to broaden his appeal to a new generation of Democrats.

Sanders, 29, rose to prominence during the 2016 campaign as press secretary for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. She then became a high-profile political analyst on CNN and is likely to be a forceful Biden defender on television.

Democratic strategist and former Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile called Sanders “battle-tested” and said the hire was “one of the best moves” the Biden campaign could make.

Sanders worked closely with Bernie Sanders in 2016 and she nearly helped Sanders win the democratic nomination. Sanders is battle-tested and should add tremendous value to Biden’s campaign. The question remains, “Is Sanders on the team for optics or is Biden genuine about adding diversity and reaching diverse voters?”

If Biden is serious then he should attend Trump And The Global Economy (“Trump And The GE”) May 8th in mid-town Manhattan. Trump And The GE will be headlined by GOP pollster John McLaughlin, CEO of McLaughlin & Associates. McLaughlin was Trump’s pollster in 2016 and he was the only pollster to pick Trump’s victory. He also predicted Obama and Biden would win in 2008. Trump And The GE is the top speaker series in the country and is also black-owned. The event will focus on the college admissions scandal and overall inequality in the U.S. If Biden is serious about diversity and reaching black voters then this is the event he should attend. Otherwise, it could give the impression the Sanders hiring is mere window-dressing. 



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