Dear Luther Campbell: A Hit Dog Will Holla

Luther Campbell in his Miami Hurricanes attire
As a teenager growing up in the ’80s I enjoyed the music of Luther Campbell and the 2 Live Crew. I particularly enjoyed Mr. Campbell’s recent letter, Kamala Harris Can’t Count On The Black Vote In 2020, highlighting Ms. Harris’ inauspicious record pursuant to African Americans. He cited everything from Ms. Harris’ record on prison reform to her stance on the use of prisoner labor to perform tasks for the state of California. She also threatened to jail parents for their kids’ truancy, which I found particularly disturbing. As Attorney General for California Ms. Harris seemed more than willing to support aggressive legislation for members of society who did not have the necessary resources to fight back … akin to “speaking truth to the powerless.”
I found Mr. Campbell’s arguments well-researched and straight to the point. However, his comments got the dander up of Symone Sanders, former national press secretary for democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Ms. Sanders took to Twitter to voice her displeasure:
Uncle Luke is no political mastermind or strategist. Why do black men keep popping up with their unsolicited opinions about Kamala Harris?
Instead of refuting Mr. Campbell’s arguments with facts, Ms. Sanders preferred to change the narrative to (1) Mr. Campbell’s credentials as a political strategist and (2) black men’s right to voice their opinions on serious matters. Our interests stretch well-beyond LeBrons James’ box score or the tete-a-tete between rappers T.I. and Kodak Black. My grandmother had a saying, “A hit dog will holler.” Mr. Campbell’s comments obviously struck a chord within the democratic party.


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