A few days ago I received an email from a friend saying, “You’re famous.” He also attached a link to a video from World Alternative Media discussing the Shock Exchange’s article, General Electric: Was That A Run On The Bank? The video included Josh Sigurdson and author and economic analyst John Sneisen. The site provides truth in journalism and exposes globalism and tyranny. The Shock Exchange has viewed a few of its articles and would describe it as the video version of Zero Hedge, which also parses through complicated issues on the economy, politics, etc. and explains them in laymen’s terms.

World Alternative Media goes in on everything from the price of bitcoin, to the Australian housing crisis, to the collapse of Venezuela. I think the run on the bank at GE is particularly important. It puts GE on the road to junk status. Secondly, GE’s $115 billion debt load would represent about 10% of the $1 trillion high yield bond market. It could crater the market, making it difficult for other high yield issuers to refinance their debt. It could also cause GE to collapse, sending its lenders, suppliers, and pensioners down with it.

Now that World Alternative Media has exposed GE’s “run on the bank”, it may not be long before the market moves in for the kill after smelling blood.



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