UFC 229: Drake Walked In With McGregor; Will He Leave With Nurmagomedov?


He also likes to root for winners. Likely will not see him at any Sacramento Clippers games anytime soon. That said, McGregor has heavy hands and has dismantled everything the UFC has put in front him. He was the first man to hold belts simultaneously in two different weight classes. He moved up in weight to fight Nate Diaz and split the series 1-1. The Shock Exchange thought he was crazy to fight Diaz at his natural weight, but McGregor pulled it off.

Nurmagomedov is a superior wrestler and if the fight goes to the ground McGregor will likely be in for a world of hurt. With all of Conor’s greatness this fight is a pick’em because of Nurmagomedov’s unique style. If Conor loses odds are Drake will leave the ring with Khabib.



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