MacDonald, Steelers Stiff-Arm The Buccaneers


However, things returned to form. The Steelers and tight end Vance MacDonald stiff-armed their way to a 30-27 win:

The Steelers finally put an end to Tampa’s hot start on Monday night, holding on for a 30-27 win over the Bucs in Tampa behind an efficient display of passing from Ben Roethlisberger and a defensive performance that was better than it looks considering the Bucs hung 27 points on the board. Pittsburgh forced four turnovers in the game, and sacked Fitzpatrick three times as well. They held the Bucs to just two scores on five trips to the red zone and yielded only 63 yards on the ground.

Not that the Steelers put together a flawless performance. Roethlisberger was picked off early. The team as a whole took a ridiculous 13 penalties for 155 yards, including several that extended drives and/or kept the Buccaneers in the game. They mysteriously kept the ball in the air even while protecting a lead in the second half and combined for 32 yards on 11 plays while giving the Bucs a chance to trim the lead and get within just a field goal of tying it up.

The play of the game was 75 year TD pass from Roethlisburger to Vance MacDonald who stiff-armed Bucs defensive back Chris Conte.

This may have set the tone for the rest of the year for the Steelers.

Trump And The Global Economy (“Trump And The GE”) featuring Missouri Representative Maria Chappelle-Nadal and Professor Lance Brofman was a mood. While President Trump has exclaimed the economy is strong the panel begged to differ. Everyone from Ralph Baker to Ms. Chappelle-Nadal to Professor Brogman agreed the U.S. economy is headed for another recession.

Their explanations may have been a little different, yet they came to the same conclusions. The question now is how do we prepare for it?



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