Katt Williams and Wanda Smith's husband LaMorris Sellers

The video of Katt Williams’ interview at Frank And Wanda In The Morning at Atlanta’s V103 is the gift that keeps on giving. Katt and radio host Wanda Smith were like two comedians in the schoolyard shooting the one-on-one. The interview went left and Katt spit that heat. Every time Frank Ski tried to go to a commercial break Wanda would poke Katt again, and the roasting session would start up again.

Katt went in on Wanda’s hair to her cooking to her apparent lack of exercise. She tried to give Katt “two-for-one” and wanted to have the last word, but Katt had the last laugh. I was highly-entertained, as was Wanda’s co-host Frank Ski. However, word over the weekend was that Wanda’s husband, Lamorris Sellers, tried to pistol whip Katt for putting his wife on a poster.


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