Jason Whitlock Shoots His Shot With Tamron Hall

Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock began as a sports commentator for the Kansas City Star in 1994. He made name for himself nationally for the Kansas City Star and for ESPN by constantly writing negative articles about African Americans. He was popular among whites because they could co-sign Whitlock’s trolling of blacks and not appear racist. Saying what “whites wish they could say” has brought the controversial sportswriter from the mid-west all the way to New York as a commentator for Fox Sports’ Speak For Yourself with Marcellus Wiley.

Whitlock may speak white, but he dreams black. Thursday on Speak For Yourself Whitlock and Wiley parsed through the Twitter war between Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown and ESPN reporter Jesse Washington. Whitlock used the occasion to shoot his shot with former MSNBC news anchor Tamron Hall.



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